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About Me

Photo in negative space of richard

Dad always had a camera to hand, especially on holidays, to capture family memories as we grew up.  So it was of little surprise when, aged 10, I wanted to take a camera on my first week-long school trip.  Understandably, I was too young for Dad to lend me his best camera, so he instead loaned me his old Kodak Brownie Vecta.  He guided me to load the first film, handed me a second and then reminded me that I didn't have to photograph everything.

Our destination was the beautiful little town of Tenby, situated on the south coast of Wales.  I remember climbing the rock in the middle of North Beach when I used up the first film.  It was a quick trip back to the hotel to swap the film, but I couldn't remember which way round it was supposed to go.  The camera would accept the cartridge either way round, so was it shiny side up or matte side up?  There was a 50/50 chance of getting it right.  The collection of black photos told me I had gotten it wrong!

It was disappointing, but it didn't deter me and I occasionally borrowed my Dad's Olympus Trip 35mm camera.  He knew I was keen to develop my own photos, so asked a friend to show me her darkroom.  She showed me the whole development process and allowed me to develop some of my own black and white photos.  I loved it and seemed to have a knack for it.  When the school's art teacher later offered to spend time with us Year 6s to teach us photography, I jumped at the chance.

Unfortunately, after leaving school, all creative pursuits took a back seat to my career.  I started work in electronics, before moving through admin work and eventually into technology roles.  Now working as a Senior Unity Developer, most of my time is taken up with programming and development.  As anyone working with technology knows, this can make a work-life balance difficult, leading to other aspects of your life suffering.  For me, this has meant photography has been limited to the occasional holiday and the biannual dress rehearsal photos for The Centralian Players.

That is where this site comes in.  My hope is that the need to keep things updated will motivate me to step away from work at a more reasonable time and to engage more with my camera.  Hopefully, I can share something useful in the process.