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My Gear

As an amateur photographer, I don't have a huge array of gear, but it suits my current needs.  I have included links to some of the items, but as much of the gear is relatively old, these are mostly for information only.

Note that the links to products on this page are not affiliate links; I have only included them here to make it easy for you to find the same kit.

There is still plenty of equipment I am keeping my eye on, which you will see included under the Wish List tab.  I tend to go through a justification process when I am eyeing up new equipment, so I usually manage to talk myself out of the more expensive purchases.  My hope is that, as my photography improves, the justification gets easier!

Canon EOS 6D
I have only had this camera body for a couple of years, but it has been a great upgrade from the 30D. It is also my most traveled camera, having seen the warmer climates of Sardinia and Malta.
Canon EF 24-70mm f4 L IS USM
When I was finally able to afford one of Canon's pro series lenses, this was at the top of my list. Originally mounted on my 30D, it meant that I had a quality lens when I upgraded to full frame, which I had been longing for. It is now permanently attached to my 6D.
Tamrac Adventure 9 Backpack
BH Photo Video
I bought this backpack soon after buying my 30D and it is still going strong. It is more of a fair-weather bag, so I had to purchase a suitable rain cover for it to keep things dry. It can fit my camera body with the 24-70mm lens attached, but with a longer lens, there is insufficient space. There is space for a second lens, pockets for memory cards, etc, and a top compartment for general storage.
Canon EOS 30D
This was my very first SLR camera, bought to replace the digital brick that was the Powershot G1. This was - and still is - a great camera, and can still be found in my kit bag. It came with the EF-S 17-85mm f/4-5.6 IS USM Lens, which doesn't have great reviews, but it is a good training lens.

On1 Photo Raw
When Apple's Aperture software was discontinued, I needed to find an alternative and wasn't keen on a subscription service, which ruled out Adobe. After looking at the options available, I settled on On1 Photo Raw, which has improved a lot over the years. I still don't make the best use of it, but it is very capable for my current needs.
DataColor Spyder X Photo Kit
As I am keen to start printing my photos, I wanted to make sure the output matched the screen, so I bought this in 2020. I have yet to use the Cube and the Checkr 24, but using the SpyderX Elite proved to be very quick and easy.
Affinity Photo
If you like Photoshop but can't afford the expense, I would seriously consider trying Affinity Photo. Most of my post processing is done in On1 Photo Raw, but I occasionally resort to Affinity Photo when compositing.

LensPen Elite Cleaning Tool
Wherever my camera goes, my LensPen goes. The original version of this proved invaluable when someone left sticky fingerprints all over the glass. Thankfully, I had a filter in place, but I couldn't have cleaned it without this.
Waterproof Card HolderI have a couple of card holders for all my CF/SD cards and made sure to buy sturdy, waterproof ones, to keep them protected.

Canon EF 70-200mm f2.8 L IS III USM Lens
With the easing of lockdown on the horizon, I am keen to start looking at landscape photography. My current lens will get me far enough to get some practice under my belt, but this 70-200mm lens is top of my list for plans to wander the Lake District and Scotland.

Reasons to buy:
1) When taking dress rehearsal shots for The Centralian Players, it will allow me to be more discrete by being further from the stage. It will also allow me to frame tighter close-ups
2) I am looking to get into landscape photography, so the longer focal length will provide better framing options when I cannot get close enough

Reasons to wait:
1) I should get more landscape practice with my current lens first
2) With arts venues closed, there will be no dress rehearsals for a while to come
3) Current constraints are preventing travel
Shimoda Action X50 Backpack
I bought my Tamrac Adventure 9 backpack soon after I bought my 30D and it is still going strong, but isn't ideally suited to being outdoors in the harsher British weather. I am currently eyeing up the Shimoda as a replacement.

Reasons to buy:
1) Improved protection
2) More space available

Reasons to wait:
1) My current bag can fit my current kit, so there is no need to upgrade until I get the 70-200mm
2) Current constraints are preventing travel